We were absolutely pleased with every aspect of the service we received from Chapel Hill Home Works. We needed the whole exterior of our house power washed because there was so much mildew and mold on the wood after the long, wet, humid summer. Our skylights also needed to be washed. The response to our requests was quick, and the price was more reasonable than other estimates. Mauricio and Dylan worked all day until the jobs were completely finished. We added a request to wash and install 12 glass panels on our porch, and this task was done efficiently and carefully. We were impressed with how the company was able to find resources to complete this maintenance work within just a few days of our contacting them. - Ann (Chapel Hill)

Chapel Hill Home Works is extraordinary. Courtney Runberg, Dylan Terhune and their team have the versatility, expertise and talent to do anything a homeowner might need. From helping to build online and lease a car to installing a media center in my home to landscaping the yards and patios, this group is there to make it happen. You will never be disappointed that you chose Chapel Hill Home Works for every conceivable task a homeowner or renter needs. - Ray (Chapel Hill)

I have been using Chapel Hill Home Works to help care for our home and yard for over two years and have been very satisfied with their work. It is rare these days to find a company that can help manage a huge array of projects, from fixing siding, rebuilding shutters, designing and landscaping planting areas and managing drainage around the home. It is truly a one stop service for just about everything that can happen outside of the home. They have provided us with a comprehensive landscaping service that has steadily turned our over-run 2 acre property, into a well manicured, one of a kind property and their employees operate with the highest level of professionalism. I would would happily recommend them for anyone interested in a high quality, full service home and lawn care company in Chapel Hill. - David (Chapel Hill)